Retaining method and cleaning method of PVC three-proof tarpaulin


Because of the durable nature of PVC three-proof tarpau […]

Because of the durable nature of PVC three-proof tarpaulin, it is widely used in various industries. After the tarpaulin was used, it was reserved, and it can be used continuously next time. How do you make the tarpaulin reservation? The following points are summarized:
First and foremost, it is necessary to do the folding and packing of the tarpaulin. The specific measures are as follows:
1 Firstly spread the front of the tarpaulin flat upwards, remember to leave two end ropes (D type is a corner rope), and then fold the two sides of the length direction to the longitudinal centerline of the tarpaulin.
2 Folding is easy to use, and it is possible to clearly reveal the small road emblem and tarp number on the tarpaulin for the next use. Originally, the tarpaulin was folded to facilitate the transfer, safety, copying, loading, inventory, accumulation and storage of the tarpaulin.
3 Then divide the folded sides evenly into three parts, and fold them two times in the longitudinal center line.
4 Fold the two sides of the tarpaulin width direction to the transverse centerline of the tarpaulin, and then firmly connect them to the center halfway (D type is three times).
5Bundle it with a reserved rope and bundle it on both sides. Be sure to tighten it tightly. The rope head should be plugged together. It should not be loose and the rope buckle should fall, nor should the tarpaulin be stretched.
In the future, it is necessary to pay attention to the registered address of the tarpaulin. The best storage address of the tarpaulin is indoors. Do not expose it to the outside. Others should keep the space flowing and keep away from the heat source.
How to clean the PVC three-proof tarpaulin: The center with obvious stains is somewhat clean. For example, the oil can be cleaned with detergent. To completely clean it, brush it with a soft brush, rinse thoroughly, cool in the shade, and clear water. Add some salt or white vinegar, then immerse the bag for about 30 minutes to prevent fading. Wash it with PVC to prevent cleaning.